Humanitude décroche le prix Agostinho Roseta au Portugal

João Pärtel Araújo, formateur, en direct du Portugal :

« O Abrigo, a nursing home in Portugal that implemented Humanitude, won the maximum award for quality training and contribution to the promotion of good professional practices, with the project « Caring for Elderly People with Humanitude ».

Not only the president of the Portuguese institute for professional training, but also the Secretary of State for Labor, recognised Humanitude as a training that applies the latest scientific findings to improve professional practice with proven results.

They personally awarded the maximum prize to Abrigo and Humanitude in the 9th Edition of the « Agostinho Roseta » Prize.

Given that the 9th and 10th editions took place simultaneously, due to delays and vicissitudes, they decided not to award a prize for the 10th edition, considering that none of the candidate projects was at the level of the 9th edition.

Not only do we won but also raised the standards to another level of demand.

They also gave the advice to integrate Humanitude in the National Qualifications Catalog, which certifies the competencies of a professional training.

Like this caring with Humanitude could be a professional competency recognised by the government.

Alexandra Silva, Director of Abrigo, also suggested integrating Humanitude into the geriatric competencies of all the courses approved by the Portuguese institute for professional training, but that is another war.

It was a fair prize for “Abrigo », and a great demonstration of humility for publicly attributing the merit of the prize to Humanitude.

They are a really good team, that took in all our teachings and their nursing home, I dare to say it, is the best one in Portugal. »



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